101 & humid outside?

"The salinity of the water, whether it’s grown in a bag or in a cage, whether it’s in a marsh or in the middle of a salt flat, contributes to the different merroir of an oyster," Ludford said. "In Virginia, we have seven regions and seven unique flavors."

Ludford describes the Pleasure House oysters he raises in the Lynnhaven River as slightly briny with a sweetness that comes to the palate with the body of the oyster.

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A great place to stay while visiting the Lynnhaven and touring Pleasure House Oysters farm is Ocean Park Cottage.

Linda & Brad from Ontario recently toured our Farm.

They were staying at Ocean Park Cottage on their own Virginia Oyster Trail tour.

We’re glad you’re having fun visiting Virginia Beach!

Drone video update of Brock Environmental Center on Pleasure House Point.

(Source: vimeo.com)

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